Pattaya Alcazar Show


Pattaya Alcazar Show 



Sit back, relax, and be captivated by ostentatious performances of Pattaya's charming

drag queens Experience the new wave of Entertainment. You ought not leave Pattaya

without seeing the "Alcazar Show". The greatest show in Asia which is a legend in this area.

We invite you to join our audience for the wonder of a lifetime. See a marvellous

combination of music, dance and costume. With Alcazar famous reputation "Satisfaction

Guaranteed" you are sure of an amazing night out to please and amuse you





Glitter and Glamour

Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya City has all the allure and razzmatazz of a Las Vegas

nightclub. Dazzling performances by artists in glittering evening gowns thrill nightly

audiences, as well-groomed ladies mime and dance against a backdrop of surround-sound

and computerized lighting. The unique feature of Alcazar's entertainment, that sets it aside

from Las Vegas, is that all the girls are boys!



Theater complex

Performed in a state of the art theater seating up to 1,200 patrons, the cabaret makes

extensive use of computer technology, making for a stunning show. The complex also

features a Thai restaurant, cafe and gift shop.











Visitors: 440,284