River Kwai & Trekking

River Kwai & Trekking



This War Cemetery is also known as the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. It is located

opposite Kanchanaburi's Railway Station on Saengchootoe Road. It contains the remains of

6,982 Australian, Dutch and British war prisoners who lost their lives during the construction

of the Death Railway.



JEATH War Museum, JEATH is an acronym for the primary nations which participated in

local action. These nations are: Japan, England, Australia, Thailand and Holland. The

museum inside Wat Chai Chumphon has been constructed largely in the form of an Allied

Prisoner of War camp which is managed by a Thai monk. The thatched detention hut with

cramped, elevated bamboo bunks contains photographic, pictorial and physical memorabilia

dating from the Second World War.



The Bridge River Kwai became famous all over the world, when it was featured in movies and books. The cliff-hugging tracks and the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys are well captured in the David Lean movie. Bridge River Kwai is a tourist destination now. The track is developed into a walkway with side platforms. This allows crossing the railway bridge on foot. These platforms are useful as viewpoints and for avoiding trains. A small tourist train runs back and forth across the bridge.



Elephant Camp in Kanchanaburi Thailand, In Thailand, elephants are the most revered of

all animals and are still a very active part within Thai society and culture. This Elephant

Camp is Located near Wang Pho Railway Station. Elephant shows, elephant riding and rafting

are provided for visitors.