Siam Park


Siam Park City,

World of Eternal Fun and Happiness

900 Baht (Entrance fee,all rides,buffet lunch)


Welcome to the land of fun, the world of eternal happiness, Splash and fun, Siam Park City is one of Thailand’s largest theme park, located in 300 rais of greenery, covering an area of almost 120 acres and featuring a wide range of fun and exciting rides as well as  adventurous and entertainment activities in five zones such as a roller coaster that speeds 80kph and a ride that drops you from 75 meters above the ground. Siam Park is equipped with world class rides, exciting adventures, variety of entertainments and the most refreshing waterpark. The one and the only in AsiaThe main highlight of SiamParkis its water park, which is considered the world’s largest man-made, sea-like pool, favored by both kids, families and teenagers.