Calypso Cabaret Show

Calypso Cabaret Show

900 Baht/Person

The Calyso Cabaret offers you an evening of laughter. dazzling lights. beautiful "women" and alot of funs. Each night more than 50 performers will amaze you with a spectacle that would not be out of place any where in the world.



Calypso Cabaret, Entertainment for the Whole Family


If you’ve experienced the magic of Calypso Cabaret before, you’ll be happy to hear the


show holds true to its25-year-old tradition of providing first-grade family friendly cabaret


entertainment, with a unique Thai flair. The new Calypso Cabaret theater accommodates


480 guests. The new Calypso Cabaret restaurant offers traditional Thai dinners


accompanied by a Khon dance show before the main entertainment begins.



Calypso Bangkok Theater @ Asiatique The Riverfront

- Daily show time at 19.30hrs: and 21:00 hrs

- Approximately 1.20 hrs., up to 70 performers

- Capacity 450 seats (pre booking required)

- Ticket included 1 drink (Beer, Whiskey, Soft drink, etc. 




Visitors: 440,283